Ban of colas. Since when did the govt. care about public health?

The ban of Pepsi and Coca Cola by the Kerala and Karnataka govt. seems justified as far as public health is concerned. But why aren’t they talking about the larger issue. Pesticide, toxic proliferation in water bodies, drinking water. The Karnataka goverment says that they are testing 500 carbonated drinks. But I believe the extent of harmful levels of chemicals are much beyond carbonated drinks. After decades of consumption are we now immune to the chemicals or are we carrying with us something we don’t know. Can the government take action on fertilizer consumption, pesticide usage, emission, etc. A ban will not serve public health concerns.

A larger foresight is needed as far as food standards are concerned. After all these years of inadequate food standards and health measures, the sudden concern by the government does raise eyebrows.

The efforts should be more comprehensive and not just a pro people election campaign. I am sure the issue will die out and be forgotten after a few months, as other issues like reservation, caste and politics, sting operations, terrorism..etc take the front page.

Will someone in the government sit down and take up a more holistic approach to health issues. When I visit a government hospital, I find it hard to believe this is the same government thats so concerned about our health.

There are other issues like basic sanitation facilities, public garbage disposal and sewage management.


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